Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Ready For the Explosion!

This is a volcano made by Abby, Ana, Samantha and Mehakpreet.
To make their volcano waterproof, they got clear varnish and that also makes it very shiny.
To get the shape they glued down a bottle to a piece of cardboard and then glued strips of cardboard to the bottle and Paper mache  it.
Then painted it.
This Volcano was made by Lyric and Mark.
First they put a bottle on a piece of cardboard They used  newspaper and cardboard to paper mache it.
Then they painted it. 

This Volcano was made by Emma and  Arpit with the help of Julie
it didn't go as planned
So first they made a small cone out of card then they rolled up some cardboard and stuck the cone on, around this stage it looked a little weird but the they attached the volcano to a base with cardboard strips. After they Paper Mached it,Painted it and put trees on, then it was ready. They called it mount doom.

This Volcano was made by Shaye and Maddie
They made a volcano out of a coke bottle, cardboard, duck tape, paint, newspaper to  paper mache their volcano and hot glue.
 First they took a coke bottle and hot glued it to some cardboard and made a structure. 
 Next they started to paper mache it. They did the same with the mini volcano.
Step 3: Then they painted it with brown paint and a mixture of orange and red.
And they were done

This volcano was made by Bella, Ruby, Loveleen and Amanda.
First they got a cone and wrapped cardboard around it to make the shape. Then they paper mached it with newspaper and a special kind of glue. Then they left it outside for 25 minutes to let it dry. 
They then got some cardboard and stuck a small bottle to it.
They put the volcano paper mache around it.  Then painted it.
We used newspaper to make bushes around it.

This volcano was made by Harman, Slade and Dylan
first we glue tacked the bottle to the cardboard after we cut out 4 stripes of cardboard and glue tacked it to the bottle
then we started to paper mashaye and glued the paper to the bottle in a volcano shape then we finished then we sarted to paint it and that was it.

They used a 1.5 liter bottle of Fanta and a packet of Mint flavored Mentos.
They used five layers of Paper to use as the shell of the volcano, then added brown and blue paint to make the volcano look as effective as possible, as they had the outlook of the volcano being in the water. Then added red and orange paint to paint the 'lava' on.

They used a cone for a template and paper mashed it. They Painted it with brown paint mixed with red paint. They
poured diet coke in the bottle and threw 7 mentos in it.

This Volcano was made by Grace with some help from Haley.
First they cut out their cardboard base,
and then they glued a cup down onto the cardboard piece,
Next they started building clay around the bottom area's of the volcano,
Then they cut off the top of the cup and then 
The next thing they did was they started to build up the clay around the cup making a volcano shape.
Then they painted all of it.  


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  2. Hey there room 4, I'm Parwin from YMS, I really like your volcanoes because they are looking AWESOME! I bet if I try to make them, I won't be able to make mine as better as the ones that you have made.
    Its great that you have added a little biography about ech volcanoe like who its made by and stuff. Your post was really good that you dont have to do anything to improve it because when I went on your blog, the first thing I saw was the photo of the volcanoe and that made me want to read it straight away!

    Looking forward to you other posts,

  3. hey there room 4
    Im Gracie from yaldhurst model school rimu class
    This looks really cool!
    Did you have fun making it? did it go as you planed.
    I really like how you said who you made it with.
    Was it easy to make?

    Thanks Gracie
    yaldhurst model school

  4. hey there room 4 im Shay from yaldhrust school i like all your guys work it looks cool i ho it works maybe you can add vidoes of t exploding that would be cool

  5. Hi room 4 I'm Jacob from YMS. I lIke the volcano and I can't wait for the explosion.


  6. Hi it is isaac at yaldhurst schhol
    This looks really cool!
    Did you have fun making it? did it go as you planed.
    I really like how you said who you made it with.
    Was it easy to make?
    Its great that you have added a little biography about ech volcanoe
    bye from isaac at yms

  7. Hi, I'm Teegan & I'm a yr6 at YMS.
    I really like the volcano ideas to be able to make them water proof.
    Do you think that next time you blog something like this again, can you maybe tell what the mesurements for the mattereals to make it?
    Very Clever Creations.

    Yours Sincerley:Teegan

  8. Hi I like how you've made a volcano I used to love making them when I was little it is really fun.I think you could work on maybe making a video or these photos.

  9. Hi my name is Toby Yaldhurst model school .I really like your volcano it looks like Lava place at bomb Exploding. It's looks like its going to explode everywhere. I would love to know how you made it.

  10. Hello Toby,
    I'm Ruby and I help out reply for Room 4 Kahikatea Hub.
    Thanks for your comment,
    If you want to know how we made it check out the presentation, you can see some of the instructions,
    Ruby :)

  11. Kia Ora,
    My name is Ayva From WaikowhaI Primary School and I am feeling like a Volcano right now because I am very Impressed with your GREAT Volcanos!
    I really like how you have put lots of effort into these volcanoes. But I was thinking you could add some photos or recordings of the kids working on their project and Feel free to give me some feedback on my blog:

    Commented by Ayva

  12. Hi my name is Toby from Yaldhurst Model School. I loved the vkano becaues how you decarad it. you are really good at making that . I like that how you pot a botll in it. how did you make it .