Tuesday, 21 June 2016


We have created kahoots which are interactive quizzes about what we have learnt in reading. Someone must make the kahoot then put their device where everyone who is playing. Then the people type in the game code and select a nickname for themselves. Then the person that made the kahoot presses start once everyone is in. Then questions come up on screen and the players have to press the correct shape or colour. There is a leader board so it usually gets pretty competitive and it is lots of fun.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Play dough

In room 4 we made play dough for our stop motion videos for topic. First we had to watch a video with recipe. Then we had to make a slide presentation with the ingredients and method in our own words. We then had to find the prices on the countdown website and figure out how much it would cost to make play dough. After that we put the method into our own words, and finally we got to make play dough according to the presentation we made. Enjoy the movie.