Friday, 17 November 2017

Jordan's 3D Printer Design

On Monday we got the 3D Printers in Class and it was EPIC.Our 3D Printing mentor Fashid said that we were to make a Phone Case so I got straight to work. First I made a Rectangle and put it on the blank canvas on Tinkercad and then I started moulding into the iPhone Case I moulded the case using a fillet which is basically  making the corners round. To make the corners round you have to make a sqaure the put a hole that covers ¾ of the sqaure like this:and then group the two shapes together .

It was very hard to mould it because I needed exact measurements but eventually I moulded it into this:
So I Printed it out but it was just a bit too small so I adjusted some measurements and Printed it out again but the machine stopped working.

One of the hardest things about 3D Printing is getting the correct Measurements I had to adjust the measurements 5 times before I printed it out for the first time then I had to adjust the measurement after I printed out in the wrong size so I have changed the measurements 6 times.The reason getting the correct measurements is so hard is because you have to make it just bigger than the phone you are making the case for. Maybe next time I will make a Harry Potter themed phone case with the iconic Harry Potter glasses and the Lightning bolt scar.