Sunday, 30 August 2015

Room 4 Would Like To Invite You To Our Open Class Day On Wednesday 2 September

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We have made some business cards to give to our parents to invite them to our open class day.  We will be sharing the Learn Create Share model with them and to show how confident we are in using Google Drive.  We look forward to sharing all our great learning.  

Friday, 21 August 2015

Variety show

This week as been a full on week. On Monday we had a dress rehearsal on Tuesday we performed for the grandparents and mums with toddlers on Wednesday we had a  night show on Thursday we had another night show and. Today on Friday we are performing in front of the whole school so we can see the other classes performances. Teagan did all the dancers make up and Meagan did Ashley's Mrs P did our hair into Buns we had the best 2 nights the crowed started to clap on long to our performance. It was a fun and awesome show.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

PCS Cross Country

On Wednesday 12 August we had our School Cross Country and these are our year 6 Boys Winners From left we have Harley in Third Place, Ben in First place and right hand side is Oliver in 2nd place. Our year 6 Girl Winners From left is Sarah in 2nd place, Sanna in 3rd place then on the right is Shayne in first place. Well done to all who participated in our Cross Country. It was an exciting event.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Our Top Tips for Leaving Quality Blog Comments

We are learning all about how to leave quality blog comments in Room 4.  We have looked at examples of quality blog comments and we have watched 2 video clips of students giving us their top tips.  We have used padlet to collaborate on what our Room 4 top tips are for leaving a quality blog comment.  Have a read through our ideas and feel free to use them when you are commenting on our class blog or our individual blogs.  We really appreciate positive, thoughtful feedback and encourage you to ask us questions about our posts too.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Problem Solving

My name is Meagan and Mrs Paniora has been experimenting on different learning styles. Her Latest one [my personal favourite] has been awesome. Every one gets a turn to have a laptop for the whole day to do work that she's planned. There's heaps of work but that just means she works really hard. But anyway here's my math work, it's based on problem solving. By Meagan

Friday, 7 August 2015

The Variety show

\ The Variety show is coming up and room 4 are doing They're own learning parodys-except using three of them in a MIX!!! Meagan [me] is playing the trumpet and Bens playing the drums, isn't it just AWESOME. We are using Bills [Tests] By lunchmoneylewis, Move [Hey school kids] by little mix and for the winning song UPTOWN CLASS [Uptown Funk] we've worked very hard, for instance Teagan who choreographed the whole thing! I've got to say everyone all pulled their weight to. The Funny thing is that the drummer doesn't even know how to play the Drums so The Trumpet player had to write it by ear [hahaha] I hope everyone who comes enjoys it -Meagan [The Trumpeter]


On Thursday 30th July Room 4 played hockey with Madison and Jordan from Youth town. We learnt new skills and some people improved on skills they already knew. We played a cool game and did awesome warm ups.