Sunday, 30 August 2015

Room 4 Would Like To Invite You To Our Open Class Day On Wednesday 2 September

Designed by Sienna

Designed by Malaika

Designed by Micaiah

We have made some business cards to give to our parents to invite them to our open class day.  We will be sharing the Learn Create Share model with them and to show how confident we are in using Google Drive.  We look forward to sharing all our great learning.  

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  1. Morena Room 4,
    Thank you for sharing the business cards you have created. I look forward to being there tomorrow to see you sharing the Learn, Create, Share model with your whānau. I am going to talk to Mrs P and see if there are a couple of you who would like to talk at the whānau evening next week with me. I am looking for students who can confidently speak about their learning with devices and the process of Learn, Create, Share. Are you a good person for the job? Have a think about it and we can talk tomorrow.