Friday, 7 August 2015

The Variety show

\ The Variety show is coming up and room 4 are doing They're own learning parodys-except using three of them in a MIX!!! Meagan [me] is playing the trumpet and Bens playing the drums, isn't it just AWESOME. We are using Bills [Tests] By lunchmoneylewis, Move [Hey school kids] by little mix and for the winning song UPTOWN CLASS [Uptown Funk] we've worked very hard, for instance Teagan who choreographed the whole thing! I've got to say everyone all pulled their weight to. The Funny thing is that the drummer doesn't even know how to play the Drums so The Trumpet player had to write it by ear [hahaha] I hope everyone who comes enjoys it -Meagan [The Trumpeter]


  1. Great work room 4
    I hope you have 3 good days doing the variety show. I have enjoyed creating our learning parodies. How many song are you singing?
    From Jack

  2. Cool Meagen. I like how you tell us the names of the songs we have created. Isn’t it funny how Ben couldn’t play the drums but it still sounds awesome. (ha ha ha) I can't wait till the VARIETY SHOW (yay yay!)