Sunday, 13 August 2017

3D Printers In Our Classroom

IMG_3855.JPGI was in the class when two men came in and said, “hi we are Farshid and Baruk and we have 3D printers for you to trial.” I watched them set it up and pull out some blue and black PLA (plastic). The Baruk said “do you want black or pink” and I answered “pink”. So Baruk went out the door to get pink PLA. Then everyone came in and saw the 3D printers and we got into it. Farshid showed us a website called TINKERCAD and showed us how to make a design. We all took lessons to learn how to use it.

Our first challenge was to design our name using text. We had to make sure that the letters connected for it to print properly.  I learnt that in order for the design to work my design had to be sitting flat on the work plane.  If it didn’t the 3D printer would not print it would just hover over doing nothing.

Screenshot 2017-08-08 at 9.55.13 AM.png

I have enjoyed designing and printing. It has been fun and I have learnt something new.  I wonder if the school will purchase one of their own?

By Isla

Monday, 7 August 2017

The Zoo Trip

When I turned back in time…
I am 10 years old, and I am standing in the middle of the Auckland Zoo.
The tunnels are crowded with excitement and people are crawling.
The noise is as quiet as a mouse & sometimes I want to scream to break the silence.

Every minute there is a noise of something… Something about to happen.
It is nearly the end of the tunnel.
It is getting brighter now.
The tunnels are getting shorter & shorter by the minute like a candle burning away.
Everything is light & bright.  Fresh & clean & clear again.

Katie (Bella’s Mum) calls from the other side “Come on girls” and we run to join her.
We stand with our mouths wide open, while we are pointing at the Meerkats and continuously going “Ooh,”Trying to catch their attention, but it never works.

I love the Meerkats.
Written by Lucy