Friday, 22 September 2017

Verbal bullying ad

In room 7 we have been making verbal bullying ads. We did one in small groups of 4 and we did a whole class one. For our whole class add some people got together to make a script we then sat on the mat and everybody picked a line in the script. We found a quite place to video and Jordan videoed us saying our line. Then Mrs Paniora put it all together and it turned out really good.


  1. WOW Room 7, that is an extremely important message and you have shared it in a very powerful way. I hope by sharing it on your class blog many others see it and stop and think just like you have encouraged them to do. Maybe your next video could be ways of being kind to others. I loved this video from last years Manaiakalani Film Festival, created by Year 5 and 6 learners at Pt England School. Let me know what you think of their video. I am going to share your video on our Sharing the Hook blog so more people can see it. Great work team.

    1. Hi Tania thanks for commenting on our class blog. I watched the video made by the year 5 and 6 students at Pt Englands School. I thought the video was great. Thanks for sharing the video.
      Room 7 :)

  2. Kia ora room 7, I really like your video against verbal bullying. I like the simple background and that everyone had a part - your passion and commitment to the message came through. What are doing differently in your class and with your friends now?
    Mrs Krausse

  3. Talofa lava Room 7, I really loved your ad about verbal bullying. I hope that everyone else feels the same way. This reminds me of when my school had an anti bullying day. Maybe next time some kids can talk a little bit louder,bye keep doing what your doing and inspire more schools.