Monday, 18 September 2017


Clubs Once a week on a friday we have something called clubs there are a total of 6 clubs cooking, sketching, knitting, scouting, board games/lego and clay. In cooking we cook lots of food, In Sketching we do art and sketch things,In Knitting we Knit,In Scouting we do things that scouts do Like tying Knots & things, In board games you play board games & create lego & in clay you create things using clay.
In this photo Jordan is making the sauce for the pasta.

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  1. Clubs sound super exciting, it must be very hard to pick which club to go to. Do you get to choose? Do you get to try out different clubs each term? I think I would choose knitting club as I have never learnt to knit and would love to give it a try.