Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Crazy Hair Day

On Friday 2nd June we had a Crazy Hair Day and Mufti to fund raise for some equipment to help with our school Garden Club.  They want to buy a water filter for the Garden.


  1. Hi my name is Lau and I like what u have done with the hair it looks like lots of fun.

  2. My name is Lusia and I’m a year 8 student from St Pius X Catholic School.
    It’s might be weird but my class used to be called room 7 but we changed it to SPX Nu’u 1 and 2. Anyways I love your crazy hair dues. Very courageous, my old school used to do crazy hair days, it was fun and crazy! Hope you had an explendid day!

  3. Malo lelei,

    I'm Von a yr 8 student form St Pius X Catholic School and I just pop in to say that it's a great Idea to fund raise for equipment that you need for the garden club.


  4. Kia ora,
    My name is Tehanah and I come from Tautoro school. I am ten years of age and My teachers name is Whaea Lana. Crazy hair day looked very cool and funny. I liked the way that you found a very creative way to fundraise and make money. Maybe next time you should try give your viewers more information like you could of asked the children whose hair looked the funniest. Ka pai to mahi.

  5. Kia ora
    My name is laviniah from tautoro school.My teachers name is whaea lana and i am 9 years old and I am a year 5 student.Crazy hair day looking very cool.I look forwords to commenting on your work some other time.Blog you later.

  6. Kia ora
    Crazy hair day looking very cool.I look forwords to commenting on your work some other time.Blog you later.

  7. Hello
    My name is Henrietta and I am a year 8 student that attends Saint Pius X School. Your guys crazy hair day looks very outstanding and very interesting.

    I hope to comment more on your blog.

  8. Sup
    My name is Motu, I'm year, I go to St Pius X Catholic school.
    Amazing, Wow, Cool, Fun. Bye now

  9. Hi Room 7, Miss Shaw here. I love your crazy hairstyles! Very creative with tons of different ideas.

  10. Hello
    I am Joshua from Waikowhai Primary School.I am in room Hauraki in Te Wako Ako. I really liked you blogpost about crazy hair and the awesome hair styles.Have you thought about adding some videos in to it. It made me Think about last year when we had to where wigs as well.
    If you would like to checkout myblog copy this link into google
    blog you later.

  11. Hi Papakura Central,
    My name is Darlene, I am a student from Waikowhai Primary School and I really like your crazy hair styles that you guys did. This kind of made me think of last year how we used to dress up crazy. This also made me think of how we dress up at home. I really liked how you put colour into your hair styles the one I liked the most was the one with the colourful brades. If you want to see stuff on my blog go to http://www.wpsdarlener.blogspot.co.nz/.

  12. Ki ora, Room 7, I'm a year 6 student from Waikowhai Primary School,In the Te Waka Ako cluster. I loved your funky and crazy styles and is that flowers on your head, This reminds me of when I was only 3 and I was in the garden and fell into a bunch of flowers and got heaps and heaps of pollen in my eyes it stung so much. I think for you to make this a bit more interesting you need to write a bit more and tell what has happend and who you thought was the best! At our school we also have a garden club but we call it environmental group. Why did you do a crazy hair day? Was it fundraising? How much fun was it? if you want come check my blog out at http://wpsmaxmc.blogspot.co.nz/
    Blog you Later!!!