Thursday, May 18, 2017

Room 7 sign language weeek

At school we have been learning sign language because of sign language. This presentation will be showing you how to count to ten in sign language. Lets see how fast you can learn it?


  1. Kia Ora Room 7,
    It's great to have you join us for Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu this term. I look forward to checking out your blog and reading your individual blogs too. Some of you may remember me from when I used to come to Papakura Central School. I remember many of you, especially when I see photos of you. I remember you Jordan and can see you have been very busy posting to your class blog. It is great to see you learning sign language, a very important skill to have. I used to be really good at sign language when I was a kindergarten teacher but now I don't know as much. Thanks for sharing how to count from one to ten. I look forward to seeing what you do next. Maybe a video clip would work well to show people.

  2. Malo Room 7
    This is Lavinia in the class Hauraki at Waikowhai Primary School. I like how you guys know how to communicate with people that can't hear. Just some feedback for next time, you could get different people to do different signs instead of the same sign or you could do words, other then that Ka Pai! If you want to see my blog head to this website,