Sunday, 25 February 2018

Our New Flag


  1. Mōrena Room 4,
    Welcome to Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu for 2018. I'm James, and although I don't officially work with Manaiakalani any more, I still really enjoy dropping in to class blogs and sharing in the learning. It's great to see you guys back and in the blogging space again. What a great way to do something proactive for your school and community. I think it's an awesome learning experience using a real life context! I can't wait to drop back in and see more of your learning throughout the year.
    Mā te wā

  2. Kia ora James,
    I'm Ruby and I help out to reply for Room 4 Kahikatea Hub. It's great to know that you've been dropping in to other class blogs and come across Room 4's blog, and I'm sure that in the next few day's we'll have a new post about our learning so you can yet again enjoy another post.
    And believe it or not the Flag was actually a replacement, for our old School Flag. We had alot of fun researching and finding out the costing for the different types of flags to buy, and talking to the Principal about purchasing the flag.
    Thanks for your comment,
    Have a wonderful day on behalf of Room 4 Kahikikatea hub. :)

  3. Hello Room 4,
    My name is Hannah and I am a Year 8 at Yaldhurst Model School. I am excited to be commenting on your blog this year! I think it is really cool how you wanted to replace the flag. How did long did the research take? Was there any part that was harder to research then the others?
    From Hannah,
    Year 8,
    Yaldhurst Model School,
    (If you click on my name you will go to my blog.) ;)

  4. Kia ora Hannah
    I'm Ruby and I help out to reply for Room 4 Kahikatea Hub.
    Thanks for your comment,
    we really appreciate it.
    The research didn't take to long.....
    But the hardest part to research was definitely trying to figure out the size and what would work well,
    Thanks so much Hannah,
    On the behalf of Room 4 Kahikatea hub, thanks you.
    Have an amazing day,
    ( Also I have checked out your blog, it's amazing love all your learning,)

  5. Hi my name is isaac from yaldhursrt I hope you like your new flag? I thik that you well have good fun with it and my school we have a flag poll but we do not put up the flag bye from isaac at yaldhurst

  6. Hi,

    I like how you added a lot of information about why you needed to buy the new flag.

    This reminds me of designing a the Tobago and Trinidad flag. It's has a black diagonal stripe with a scarlet ibis in the center.

    By Mika

    Yaldhurst Model School

    Link to blog

  7. hi Rihanna here from yaldhurst model and today im here to tell you about how much I love your work.

    I like nz and I think thats the nz flag is it?

    by Rihanna

  8. Hey there room 4, my name is Parwin and I am from Yaldhurst Model School.
    I really like your new flag and it looks like you guys are really happy to get your new flag. It's great that you have photos to show it and a biography on why you got the flag. I really like your post and next time you should try presenting it on something else instead of google slides!

    Looking forward to your blog posts,

  9. Hello room 4, my name is Maddison I am a year 6 student at Yaldhurst Model School.

    I really liked the look of your new school flag I am super glad that you had fun doing that , It looked like you made a good choice but I also have some questions for you,

    First, did you all write a letter or just one person and if so how did you figure out who would write the letter?

    Second, did you work in groups for anything?

    And Lastly third, what type of flag did you end up getting.
    KAI PI.

    Kind Regards Maddison from YMS.

  10. Hello room 4 my my name is Eben I am a year 6 student at Yaldhurst Model School
    I really like the look of your new flag was it hard to decide which one to get?

    how much did it cost and would you recommend it to people?

    Kind regards Eben

  11. Hi I'm Gracie From Yaldhurst Model School

    Its nice to see that you got a new flag

    was it nice to get a new flag? Did you get excited?
    Its great to see that you have pictures to show that you had done.

    Kind Regards Gracie