Monday, 21 September 2015

Ball Skills with Mr Hull

Mr Hull has been coming to do PE skills in our Senior Syndicate once a fortnight. He has taught us some really good games to learn how to catch and throw the ball correctly


  1. Welldone. It looks like you have learnt some good ball skills with Mr Hull. I really liked the game it looked like fun. I wonder how else you could play this game?

  2. Fantastic Looks like you had a lot of fun learning new ball skills. What was your favourite part?

  3. Great job it is really cool.

  4. well done ball skills with Mr hull looks fun i also enjoyed it what games did you play?

  5. Well done room 4 I have seen
    you guys so well handling the ball
    keep it up good work
    I like it
    well done room 4
    Harmaan's mum
    Gurpreet Kaur

  6. I like the way you have used your ball skills well done