Friday, 26 June 2015

Our complete class book The Lonelyonlymoanly Mouse


  1. CONGRATULATIONS Room 6! Your published book looks outstanding. I am so IMPRESSED with your story and your illustrations. You have proven yourselves to be incredible authors and illustrators. I can't wait to see the printed out copy when I am with you on Thursday. Looking forward to hearing the audio added. I will be reading your story to other classes at schools I work in and I know you will inspire them!

  2. A fantastic job Room 4 for creating a wonderful story with matching illustrations. The style used reminds me of a series of books about Meg and Mog. The stylised drawings and large black text are identical to your book. Keep up the great work. What can I expect next? Regards Mrs D.

  3. What a great story you have written. I love the way you have used different fonts,size and you have made words stand out by making them bold. Would love to see the book when Tania is in our school in Ohaeawai. Keep publishing your stories.