Thursday, July 27, 2017


 Our topic this term is land,Sea and Sky. Lately we have been doing things around our topic like writing about plants. Mrs P gave us a model to follow called blackbird. When we wrote the poem we had to describe a dead plant I chose a flower. This is my poem.


  1. Hi, my name is Lau.

    I go to Saint Pius X School.
    And it is very good but I do not know if it is a poem.


  2. Kia orana Room 7!
    Incredible Poem you created!!
    I love it you wrote a poem about the environment!
    Outstanding main topic you guys have! My class is focusing on Animals!
    Keep it up Room 7!


  3. Kia ora Kaia,
    It sounds like an interesting topic this term - Land, Sea and Sky - I imagine you will be able to find LOTS of learn about. Thanks for sharing your poem. I have flowers on my bench at the moment and they look great - I am not looking forward to them dying! You have used some great words to describe a dead flower - I especially like the 'colour stolen' and 'petals crinkled'. What is your favourite flower? I really like the magnolia flowers that are out at this time of year and I think Pohutukawa flowers in the summer are my ultimate favourite.

  4. Hi Tania,
    How has youre day been going ?
    Thanks for commenting on our class blog we really appreciate it we have done so much things about land sea and sky and were not done yet! My favourite flower at the moment is a poppy.
    Thanks Tania :)