Wednesday, December 20, 2017

My house and a wharepuni comparison

My house and a wharepuni what are the differences?
In my house you can cook and store things in a cupboard so you don’t have to go to lots of different places in the village.

My house is made of bricks and timber while the wharepuni is made of timber, fern, rushes and bark.

My house and a wharepuni what are the similarities?
You sleep in a house just like you sleep in a wharepuni.

They are both partly made by timber.

Waka ama race

Waka ama Race Would I be in it?

After watching the waka ama race I would say no I wouldn’t only because it looks really hard and I have no experience in boating. If I had some training though I might consider entering.

Waka Writing

Dear Family
I was on the Waka for 5 days before we found our destination. The trip here was very calm. There were hardly any waves there was no rain it was brilliant. Now that we have got here I kinda want to go back home this place isn’t what I was expecting but maybe I will change my mind when I have a good look around this place.


Facts about Maui

Facts about Maui

  • Maui was the person who pulled up New Zealand out of the Ocean with his magic fish hook.
  • Maui was the person who slowed down the sun.
  • Sometime Maui had small birds like Fantails accompany him on his quest

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Jordan's 3D Printer Design

On Monday we got the 3D Printers in Class and it was EPIC.Our 3D Printing mentor Fashid said that we were to make a Phone Case so I got straight to work. First I made a Rectangle and put it on the blank canvas on Tinkercad and then I started moulding into the iPhone Case I moulded the case using a fillet which is basically  making the corners round. To make the corners round you have to make a sqaure the put a hole that covers ¾ of the sqaure like this:and then group the two shapes together .

It was very hard to mould it because I needed exact measurements but eventually I moulded it into this:
So I Printed it out but it was just a bit too small so I adjusted some measurements and Printed it out again but the machine stopped working.

One of the hardest things about 3D Printing is getting the correct Measurements I had to adjust the measurements 5 times before I printed it out for the first time then I had to adjust the measurement after I printed out in the wrong size so I have changed the measurements 6 times.The reason getting the correct measurements is so hard is because you have to make it just bigger than the phone you are making the case for. Maybe next time I will make a Harry Potter themed phone case with the iconic Harry Potter glasses and the Lightning bolt scar.

Sunday, October 29, 2017


In room 7 we needed something to share at assembly so we decided to make a slideshow of all room 7's highlights.